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Bluebells at Jenkinstown
Bluebells at Jenkinstown
Jenkinstown Park is located just north of Kilkenny City in Ireland. Its a beautiful place for walking on rugged tracks and having a picnic. Over the year many people have stayed but two have inspired this song.

Thomas Moore the songwriter stayed here for a period during 1805. In his rambles he came across a rose in full bloom late in the year. This rose was called "Rosa Old Blush" Possibly influenced by the rose he wrote a beautiful song called "The last rose of summer". However, that last lines are interesting "Oh who would inhabit this bleak world alone?" Is he suggesting suicide in such circumstances?

Two centuries later Singer/Songwriter Jimmy McCarthy came to live here. His song Bright Blue Rose say's "it's always been and so it goes. To ponder his death and his life eternally." Perhaps he is suggesting that we put up with what life throws at us and our reward is in the next life.

Both are talking about the people of the planet. Jenkinstown Park is famous for its Bluebells which symbolise gratitude and humility. People perhaps?

The song lyrics are written by Patrick Coughlan and the melody to the song was origionally created by Mick Citern Walsh who recorded the original version. which is available to view on YouTube HERE  Its is registered with IMRO Works Number: R33916614

The lyrics to this version are also written by Patrick Coughlan and the melody and performance of this version is by El Doraco

The song is registered with IMRO with Works Number: R35169478

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