Head High Eyes Open - El Doraco Music

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Head High Eyes Open
Anyone of us could get lost but we find our way back using a map or just asking direction. But what if our ideas deviate from what is considered the norm and we follow that idea only to find it's not for us. it’s not what we thought it was. How do we make our way back home?

This is very prevalent in teenagers and for them it might not mean they have left home physically. Returning to the norm can be embarrassing or maybe they feel they will be to "I told you so"

Head High Eyes Open is advice. Follow your dreams or your opinions but always remember that the big blue sky is over us all and it is what will bring you home.

The song is written by Patrick Coughlan and performed by El Doraco.

The song is registered with IMRO works number : R33535650

Hope you like it.
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