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Passer By
How many times do we see on our TV screens or our computers reports of the horrors of wars, famine, economic diprivation and the miss treatment of sections of society yet we do noting about it. We are just Passer By's. I am one of you.

The song is inspired by Paster Niemoller who lived in Germany during the Nazi period. He wrote his famous poem after the war in which he described how sections of society were attacked by the Nazi's but he did nothing because he was not one of them. For example he begins "First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist."

Later in a book he wrote "Thus, whenever I chance to meet a Jew known to me before, then, as a Christian, I cannot but tell him: 'Dear Friend, I stand in front of you, but we can not get together, for there is guilt between us. I have sinned and my people has sinned against thy people and against thyself."

This song is about all of us.

I hope you at least listen to it.
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